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Data Management

We ensure overall Management of Data of data systems of the client.

Principle Roles & Responsibilities

  • We with a go-getter attitude to be self driven in approach towards understanding the various client attributes, their significance and liaise with the owners of upstream and downstream systems, assesses the quality thereof through measurable indicators and suggests changes in terms of additions/ modifications/ deletions.
  • Proactive Data Quality Monitoring
  • To engage with various downstream users and understand the critical data elements which are sourced by them and to ensure that the data quality of such data points are proactively maintained
  • Allocation of actions to upstream or downstream consumers where appropriate
  • Collaborate with different stakeholders to provide – thought leadership- and delivering change across business and technology infrastructure through innovations in Data Quality Automation, Analytics and other relevant techniques.

Skills and Experience:

We have experience in the following functions and have good analytical skills, understanding of products / processes, Trade and lending products, Client On boarding and Due Diligence, Data Governance from leading sectors.

We have deep functional knowledge of the finance function and have been involved in data analysis and migration work in various projects.

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