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Research & Analysis

We are Analyst and prepare in-depth research report and provide market information to our clients. We have team who are M.B.A (Finance) / CA (Inter/Final) / CFA and graduates with experience having strong analytical skill and possess adequate knowledge of specific Industry.

Major Deliverables:

  • Writing “due diligence” reports in a timely manner on subjects across the globe for the varying business and/or compliance requirements of our clients.
  • Review, summarize and analyse media articles / company filings, retrieved from open media search, online databases, government departments etc. and also on the basis ground survey.
  • Our reports aim to identify any potential risk factors associated with companies and individuals so our clients can make informed decisions – no client advice is required, just reporting the facts available from within the public domain.
  • An ability to accurately filter information quickly and to empathize with our client’s requirements to ensure a quality and timely product is always delivered.

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